The Power of Influence: Understanding the Impact of Influencer Marketing

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Imagine: You’re starting college soon in a new town far away from home. You have no idea how people will dress, talk, or do for fun on the weekends. So, what do you do? Open TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube and search for popular influencers in the area. Through their content, you will learn everything you […]

Mastering Social Media: Platform-Specific Tips and Tricks

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Imagine: Your Instagram is performing exceptionally well. Your posts get the most engagement that they ever have, and the followers are flooding in. However, you’re noticing that a lot of bigger brands are choosing to partner with the creators on TikTok. You have a TikTok, but so much of your time and attention is spent […]

Identifying Your Niche: Find Your Unique Voice in the Influencer World

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Picture this: After a lot of back and forth with yourself, you’ve finally made the decision to become an influencer. Exciting! But now comes the hard part. In a sea of influencers, how are you meant to stand out? How do you compete with so many people in your corner of the internet all vying […]

Building Your Personal Brand: Tips for Creating an Authentic Image


Imagine: You’re scrolling through TikTok for inspiration for your own posts. You’re brand new in your influencer marketing journey and want to develop a voice and style all your own, but it’s difficult considering how saturated the market has become.  You come across a video from one of your favorite influencers. In fact, you like […]

Becoming an Influencer: How to Turn Your Passion into a Career

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Picture this: Your instagram account is aesthetically pleasing, gets great engagement, and is an outlet for your creativity. You see other creators utilizing their platforms to become influencers, and the more you see it, the more you want to do the same thing. But where to start?  Discover Your Passion and Niche  The journey to […]